Kapowai the Dragonfly's Birthday by Louise de Varga


It's Kapowai the Dragonfly's first birthday.

She lives on Big Pond and has just grown into her new dragonfly clothes. She's having a party and has invited four of her insect friends - Charlie the Cicada, Ruth the Red Admiral, Katy the Katydid and Molly the Monarch.

You can meet her friends and see how they have fun with their presents and party games.

About Louise...


Kapowai the Dragonfly’s Birthday is the first book in a series about the young dragonfly, Kapowai, written by Louise de Varga. The Kapowai stories were originally written for her two sons, Quinn and Toby, and have developed into a series of adventures. Each story seeks to open up the imagination of young readers to the outside world through  the exploits of Kapowai. Louise’s passion for books led her to start the NZ Independent Book Festival, which has been held in Auckland for the last three years.

Paperback | 210 x 255 mm | 978-0-9941035-2-9 | 2012 | Fiction | 26 pages |

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